Commercial & Industrial Painting

Whether you’re looking for a change in your home’s appearance or to sell, painting is the most cost effective way to increase your property’s value.
Interior paint will totally transform, refresh and complete the look and feel of your home. Belcam Painting is your trusted professional partner when choosing the right team to care for and improve your space.

Whether you are looking for a touch up or the latest trend of the year – we are here to consult, create and colour your space.

At the beginning of your painting process Belcam Painting will provide a free, no obligation quote and meet with you at your home or business to access your needs. Once you’ve chosen Belcam Painting we offer colour consultation. We then move into the painting process.

Your flooring surfaces are covered in canvas drop sheets or a thick cardboard paper to ensure no paint spatter hits the surfaces below.

The moving of the furniture – we ask that all valued items and breakables are safely stored in a space where painting is not being completed. We don’t want to damage anything while moving the furniture in the painting area. Once we have moved your furniture from the area we are painting it gets covered in thin plastic sheeting to prevent any paint from getting on it.

Gaps in baseboard or mouldings are unsightly and we make sure they are caulked with interior, expandable, premium, paintable caulking.

With a contractor background, taping and mudding repairs are a breeze. Belcam Painting is no stranger to this work. Large or small Belcam painting can do it all.

Once any drywall repair has fully dried and been sanded to a smooth finish the priming can begin. All bare drywall repairs must be painted with a coat of primer. This creates an even texture on the wall and is a necessary step. Paint that is described as “Self Priming” simply means it doesn’t require a new primer coat be applied before it is painted. Don’t be fooled by contractors looking to skip a step that will result in an inferior finished product.

The painting of 2 coats of the interior latex or acrylic interior paint is next. Two coats of paint offer a complete coverage of the previous colour and offers maximum durability to resist dirt and oils.

Upon completion of the job the drop sheets are removed and the floors are swept.

We are interior home painting specialists painting including but not limited to:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • New construction
  • Painting at Heights
  • Churches

Contact us for a quote and we will work with you, in person, to determine the best pricing for the job
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