Deck Services

At Belcam Painting we pride ourselves on not taking shortcuts. We do it correctly the first time. This is abundantly clear in our preparation and application of stain to exterior wooden structures and decks.

Deck resurfacing is a meticulous process with many steps to ensure the products don’t fail and peel. The deck surface cannot be washed off with your garden hose, or pressure washed to remove the dirt – it needs to be sanded down to the bare wood.
The wood must be completely void of all dirt and the wood grain must be fully exposed to absorb the product. If the wood does not get sanded beforehand, no product can get into the wood grain and it will sit on top of the wood and not be absorbed into it.
This results in the deck peeling up every year and your backyard oasis becoming your backyard eye sore.

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Exterior stain options range from Transparent to solid staines.

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