How we work

Decks constructed of wood are a living thing and certain aspects of the material behave as such. The exterior surface of the wood needs to be stripped of all dirt, paints, stains etc. Prior to the application of any product. This allows the products to properly penetrate and absorb into the wood for maximum durability, rather than just drying on top of the surface where it may not survive our fluctuating weather trends.

Stages of preparation before the application of exterior paints and stains.

  1. Remove all items from the deck and sweep the surface.
  2. Sand the hand railing and deconstruct where necessary for access to tight areas.
  3. Random orbit sanders are used to take down the surface to its bare state.
  4. A thorough vacuum and cleaning is done before the application of the products begins.
  5. 1st and 2nd coats of product are applied in small, concentrated areas, to ensure there is no variation of colour on the surface.

These steps allow the product to absorb into the now bare wood. The fibres inside of the wood grain pull the product in, as it would water, creating a stronger finish than traditional application methods would provide. This process provides both a more durable and higher quality visual finish that will now better handle the harsh winters and the humid summers.

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